Unix / Linux SCOM Commandlets

CMdLet Description
Get-SCXAgent Returns list of managed UNIX / Linux computers
Get-SCXSSHCredential Creates an SSH credential
Install-SCXAgent Install SCOM agent for discovered UNIX / Linux computers.
Invoke-SCXDiscovery Invokes the discovery operation for the specified configuration of UNIX / Linux computers.
Remove-SCXAgent Remove a UNIX or Linux computer from a management group.
Set-SCXResourcePool Change the managing resource pool for the targeted UNIX or Lunix computer.
Uninstall-SCXAgent Uninstall the UNIX / Linux agent.
Update-SCXAgent Updates the UNIX / Linux agent
scxcertconfig -list List the Xplat certificates installed in management group
scxcertconfig -remove Remove the Xplat certificates installed in management group

Example 1:

Input: get-SCXagent

Output: Will return list of all Unix / Linux managed agents

Example 2:

Input: get-SCXagent | where {$_.Name -match “X01C-XPSCOM”} | Remove-SCXAgent

Output: No output will be displayed however, agent that matches with name X01C-XPSCOM will be removed from management group.

Example 3:

Input: scxcertconfig -list

Output: Will display all Xplat certificates installed in management group.

Example 4:

Input : scxcertconfig -remove-all

Output: No output will be displayed however, all Xplat certificates installed in management group will be removed.


MS SCSM VS Atlasian JIRA Service Desk

Overview This is built on Atlassians JIRA workflow engine, JIRA Service Desk offers a collaborative, agile platform and knowledge base that’s low cost, easy to set up. Tool OOTB not fully ITIL compliant This is a product from Microsoft and come with System Center suite. Currently this is in its 3rd generation. Tool OOTB is MOF and ITIL compliant. Offers greater flexibility in terms of integration with other system center and MS products
Ease of use Easy to set up and use. However limited OOTB capabilities, needs a lot of customizations. Easy to set up and use, 2016 edition has better UI experience that previous versions. Also third part applications like ItnetX SCSM Portal, and Cireson SCSM Portal increases UI experience
ITIL Process OOTB only Incident and service request Management, rest modules can be built. However requires effort. OOTB has Incident, service catalogue, change, problem, request fulfillment, release management process
Scalability At the very begining you need to decide what are the features that you will use as this related to design of the solution. Scalability is biggest advantage of SCSM, you can easily scale horizontally or vertically based on your needs.
Automation Capabilities Limited, when it comes to outside Atlasion solutions Enhanced automation capabilities with System center and other MS products like SharePoint, Exchange, AD and other third party products. Need to use System center orchestrator and other third party adapters from Kelverion
Licensing Costs < US$ 40,000 (Approx., will vary based on region) Licensing is based on core so it depends upon your infrastructure sizing
Hardware costs Runs on most VMs technology like VM ware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM Runs on most VMs technology like VM ware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM
Resource costs Medium Low, Tool is very ease to use, however development costs are high
Company Size SME SME
Support Costs Low Low

Patching by Orchestrator Part -2

In this blog i will share with you script and other resources that you can use to automate patching.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName REMOTE_COMPUTER_NAME -Force – Wait WinRM

This will force server to restart and return a success code only after the server restarts and WinRM service is up and running. This will ensure that the steps that you have arranged to be executed after a server reboot happens correctly and they do not get failed.

Like i said i in my earlier Patching by Orchestrator Part -1 Blog that i am unable to share complete runbooks or scripts that i have used due to NDA with my employer.

If you know of more script or other innovative ways of automating patching then please post them in comments section.

Note: Credit and risk for all the script and links that i have mentioned here goes to their respective authors.

Hex & RGB Color Scale

While designing forms in Service Manage or make changes to colour scheme in SCOM you need hex colour codes.

I needed it while making changes to colour scheme in service manger self service portal and had to go to multiple portals to generate value for each colour. So i decided to put all the codes in excel sheet and publish it for everyone who needs it.

Download file: Hex & RGB Color Scale