SCSM 2012 self service portal in Arabic

SCSM self service portal in not supported in arabic and neither there is much way to do it other than buying a portal from a third party vendor like Expit

I came across such a situation and buying a third party product was not a solution for me at that time and therefore had to write the silveright rex file myself in Arabic. (Thanks to my friend for the translation work)

Even if you just install SharePoint Arabic LP and make changes in your SCSM service offering to Arabic, you still have certian portions of the portal which is based on silverlight displayed in English, as it the default fall back language. Microsoft does not make Arabic silverlight localization for SCSM SM portal.

So if you are in sitaution like how i was, this file will be of your help.

Well now how does this work?

  1. Install SharePoint Arabic LP on the server hosting your SCSM self service portal.
  2. Go to folder where you have your resx other language files, typically it will be under inetpub\service manager\content
  3. Create a new folder called ‘ar’ without the quotaion marks.
  4. Now just dump the file in the folder.
  5. Go back to your portal, change the display language and you will say all your SM content is also displayed in Arabic.
  • If you want to change the portal to RTL then make the changes by using sharepoint designer and search for allignment and just change LTR to RTL for language ‘ar’ only.

In this way you will be able to get your self service portal completely in Arabic.

Download file from here: SCSM Self Service portal in Arabic

Note this will work only on self service portal based on silverlight. 

I am working on to make this for the new HTML 5 portal too, will post it by next month.