Blank select performance counter in SCOM


When it says select performance counter like in the screenshot below  and you do not see anything to select

SCOM_Blank Performance counter error


Enable the monitors which are associated with the performance counters.


Monitors associated with the performance counters are in disabled state. As a result, you get the see the views but cannot select the counters.

This happens when we import MPs which bring in monitors but it is in disabled state by default.


Send Email from SCOM console 2016

While working at a customer location, one day i got a request that they need to send email on scom alerts but does not want to use the traditional or scom email notifications.  Reason that sometimes the person or team who needs to be notified can be different than what is created in subscribers for email notifications.

That’s when i thought that is a really a good request and needs to be incorporated. There is paid option for it in the market already but client was not looking to pay for such a small thing. So i decided to make one and came up with this:

Send email from SCOM console directly

How it works:

  1. When you see an alert is scom console, under Alert Tasks on RHS you also see an action called send email Send Email From SCOM _2
  2. Once you click on it, a new email from your default email client opens up Send Email From SCOM _3
  3. All alerts related details are auto filled in the new email
  4. Just need to add the people in TO field of email
  5. and hit send.

I hope this will help a lot of you.

Please do share your feedback.