Error Executing the Runbook in System Center Orchestrator


Runbook is not getting triggered and also when I try to open orchestrator web console I see the below error

So, I went with the basic troubleshooting steps

  • Checking if the orchestrator service account is not locked out
  • Cross checked, that account has all the access, it is admin on the server and also the same account has been used during setup and configuration

All looks fine except in event viewer I find an error which says access denied for orchestrator account when a runbook is getting triggered.

Went and checked all the possible things including IIS and network settings, and ultimately understood it is happening as Orchestrator web service is broken and as a result web service is not calling the runbooks.


Reinstall Orchestrator web service only and everything will work as expected.



Stop runbook instance by orchestrator

If you are an automation geek, you will come across multiple scenarios where you would like to stop a runbook while it is getting executed. unfortunately OOTB MS orchestrator does not have any activity that supports this model.

There is PS command lets that you can use but it is quite complex and most important it is very difficult to  have it triggered automatically (runbook runtime).

However, there is awesome ready made integration pack available from Kelverion Kelverion integration pack for runbook management you can use this IP to stop, start, get runbook status and get runbook ID. Obviously this comes at a cost, now if you are an geek like me who like to do things rather than buy them then click here: Stop runbook instance

How it works:

Just enter  Runbook ID or unique ID is taken as an input parameter, (you need to fetch this info the orchestraor database or orchestrator web URL).

Once unique ID is entered,  stop runbook will automatically fetch it instance id (this will be unique every time a runbook runs) from orchestrator DB and stop only that instance of the runbook.

I hope this will be of  help to the community.

Please post your feedback in comments section below.